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What Not to Do When Creating SEO Content

Posted June 20th 2014 - Latest News - 0 Comments

Websites are filled with content that includes product descriptions, about pages and contact information. In many cases, you’ll also be posting blogs to provide valuable information for your visitors, so it’s vital that you use good search engine optimization in all the written text on your site. Using proper SEO techniques in your content will…

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The Problem with Black Hat SEO

Posted January 22nd 2014 - Latest News News - 0 Comments

How much do you know about Black Hat SEO? In short, it’s using unethical ways to move up in search engine rankings. This practice is very tempting to use because of the results it can achieve but it’s not advised since the user will implement techniques to rank higher in searches that are not allowed….

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Does Your Website Need an SEO Audit?

Posted December 14th 2013 - Latest News News - 0 Comments

Is your business website performing the way you hoped it would? Are you getting a lot of quality traffic to your site that ends in sales? If not, then your website probably needs an SEO audit. SEO plays a major role in how much traffic your website receives because it’s what the search engines use…

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How Dead is SEO?

Posted November 17th 2013 - News - 0 Comments

Many people today think and feel that SEO is dead and then there are others who claim that it will really never totally die.  It is a very hot topic these days and one that has website owners concerned; are they paying for a service they don’t need?  Even some long time SEO experts are…

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Hummingbird Algorithm – What Is It and What Does It Mean for SEO?

Posted October 5th 2013 - Latest News News - 0 Comments

Google has a new search algorithm, again, and many are wondering what it is and how it will affect them. Search algorithms are how the search engine’s system sorts through all the information that comes up when a user searches for something. The search engine will process this data and give you the most relevant…

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4 New SEO Tips You May Not Know

Posted June 13th 2013 - Latest News News - 0 Comments

Search engine optimization is an ever changing creature.  What is working today may not be what gets your website a page one ranking.  It is important for business owners to keep up with the current trends in SEO if they want to be competitive in the online market.  If you have found that you’re doing…

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What 2010 May Bring for Search Engine Optimization

Posted January 25th 2013 - News Search Engine Optimization

As you may already know, each coming year brings new changes in the SEO community. Search engine optimization is built around certain algorithms and these algorithms can change over time. There are also new techniques coming out every day and new ways to create traffic which are being created.  The way people use the Internet…

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SEO Tips for 2013- Mix It Up

Posted January 21st 2013 - Latest News News

Everyone wants to know what the next big “trick” in SEO is for 2013. The truth is there are no tricks to proper, white-hat SEO but if there is one important thing you need to know – diversity is key. If you are looking for only one SEO technique to get you through the New…

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SEO Tips- Images and Other 3rd Party Content

Posted December 22nd 2012 - News Search Engine Optimization

“But I found it on Google; it’s free to use!” This is the exclamation of many ignorant website and blog owners who use content they find online without permission and without proper sourcing. This is just one problem that comes from using third party content. You must ensure you know what rights you have to…

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Social Media Marketing is Just One Tool in your SEO Arsenal

Posted December 19th 2012 - News

While studies have shown that search engines like Google are now counting social signals into your search placements and rankings, this means social media activity is more relevant than ever before. However, this does not mean that your entire SEO campaign should be centered around social media marketing or that you should fall lax on…

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