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Google+ Brings Social Networking to Life

Posted July 14th 2011 News

Attention all social networking junkies:

Google created the coolest, most functional and innovative social network you could ever dream of! Project Google + is so fascinating because it is closer to real life than any other social media out there. In fact, no better online outlet exists to communicate with friends, family, clients and colleagues across the world.

With Google + you choose who you want to share what information with. Much like every day life, you have your inner circles and your outer circles or acquaintances, and you share different things with each group. So now when you post something, you no longer have to share it with your entire network or followers. You can even isolate someone like your financial advisor and have him in a separate category, so you can discuss confidential data without any other viewers.

Among the neatest parts are those private hangouts where friends can join you for face-to-face conversations. It is everything short of physically getting in the car and visiting a friend’s home. Tell them where you are going to be and see if they pass by. And if you want to share a picture or video, you do not have to upload it manually as usual. Instant upload automatically loads your pictures and videos from your phone to a private Google + gallery. All you have to do is specify who you want to share it with and it will take care of the rest. And that is not all. The coolness continues with the huddle! This feature allows you to have a group chat on your phone instead of sending individual or group text messages one at a time. Huddle lets you jump in and out of the conversation as many times as you want so you can make plans, change your mind and check in and out as you please.

So what sparks your interest? Fashion, Photography, Sports, Celebrities, Stocks? Google + will share those things with you. Sparks will give you up to the minute information on your favorite topics so you can check them out on your leisure time. You will never miss out on a thing. The greatness of Google+ is genius!