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How Dead is SEO?

Posted November 17th 2013 News - 0 Comments

SEOMany people today think and feel that SEO is dead and then there are others who claim that it will really never totally die.  It is a very hot topic these days and one that has website owners concerned; are they paying for a service they don’t need?  Even some long time SEO experts are jumping ship because they feel that there is no point in them continuing when Google is working for everyone.  They also think that there’s no way to beat Google so why bother continuing with the effort of helping businesses out.  This is a hotly debated topic with others claiming that there is still a need for SEO efforts as you still want to have your website on a higher page ranking.  So, how dead is SEO?

The Aspects of SEO That Are No Longer Valid

One area where SEO is definitely dead, without any question or controversy, is getting sites a higher page ranking when they do not deserve it.  These sites are typically spam sites that really don’t offer the visitors much in the way of product or services.  They only get a high ranking by cheating the system and it kills the SEO efforts of those who have put in the time and dedication.  The sites are no longer able to manipulate search engines and are not getting the higher rankings.  SEO is basically working to create a website that search engines can understand and so the act of manipulating this system is really outdated.  So, while this is an aspect where it is nearly dead, it’s not because of SEO but that the manipulation aspect shouldn’t be a part of it in the first place.

SEO Doesn’t Include Manipulation?

There have always been those who use SEO efforts to make their site more productive and to really bring their products and/or services to the public.  Then there are those who only use it to make poor sites get a better ranking that they don’t deserve.  As stated above, they want to manipulate the system.  With all of the new Google algorithms, this is now a waste of time as most search engines are on to this tactic.  While most valid sites have and will used manipulation tactics to gain a better search engine ranking, only those that have no sound SEO core will be affected.  This means that valid sites will take the place of those other sites that should not have been in that spot anyway.

While SEO is not dead and probably will never die, more and more businesses and website owners are learning on their own the importance of optimizing their websites.  They still rely on professionals to ensure that their content is solid and not rehashed or spun articles and to help with social media strategies.  There will always be a need for SEO efforts as long as search engines are using bots and algorithms to determine where a website should be placed when certain keywords are searched for by potential customers.

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