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Visual.ly Makes Marketing and Sharing Infographics Faster and Easier

Posted August 12th 2011 News

To understand Visual.ly you must first comprehend the power of infographics. If you have ever asked someone how to get from destination A to destination B and had them verbally explain it to you, or if you tried to learn how food is processed and excreted by the human body just by reading about it, you probably did not fully understand the concept until you saw a picture. With this in mind, you can grasp the magic and potency of utilizing infographics to express ideas.

Infographics are composed of visual data used to convey complicated information simply and conveniently, such as signs and maps, and represent a universal language for communication. For example, no matter where in the world you are, when you see a stop sign on the road, you automatically know that you have to bring your car to a halt. Well, now you can create your own signs to market and grow your business.

Who ever said you had to be a graphic designer to make your own images? With Visual.ly you do not even need to know any design software.Visual.ly is a massive central library and search engine for web-based infographics, which contains galleries of data from multiple sources including government agencies and non-profit organizations.

It has a creation tool, which lets you make your own informational graphics at the simple click of the mouse by plugging in data, and results in a unique, professional representation. Better yet, they formulated the Twitter Tool, which allows users to create a cartoon for their profile. For business professionals, you can just plug in analytics and Visual.ly produces an amazing professional and graphic. The site has also become an extremely popular meeting place for designers and publishers to meet, share and submit information! It is so impressive; you truly need to see it to believe it.