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What 2010 May Bring for Search Engine Optimization

Posted January 25th 2013 News Search Engine Optimization

As you may already know, each coming year brings new changes in the SEO community. Search engine optimization is built around certain algorithms and these algorithms can change over time. There are also new techniques coming out every day and new ways to create traffic which are being created.  The way people use the Internet will change and with it, the way people search the Internet will also change.

So what does 2010 look like as far as SEO goes?

  • Content is still king- we’re seeing more of a focus on content than ever before. Keyword optimization is worthless without great content and people are catching on.
  • Real time search makes an impact- the integration of Twitter in search engines as well as Google’s “contacts search results” feature means more real time search results. Being the last person to talk about something may race you to the top. This trend is expected to drop in 2010.
  • Personalized search is the way of the future- personalized search is here to stay. This means branding is more important and rank tracking can have a result on personalized searches.
  • Twitter’s link graph paves the way- Google always tries to be on the cutting edge of how content is recommended. Keeping up with Twitter is a big feat and it seems search engines will be looking at more than just raw or random tweets but also at relevance and reputation in ranking these.
  • SEO spending will rise a great deal in the New Year and is expected to continue to rise and more people try to keep up and maintain ranking for their chosen keywords.
  • Site Explorer and Linkdomain aren’t likely to stay around- the costs that go with maintain a web index like this is too much and it’s not likely we will see this stick around for long in 2010. There will probably be other services who attempt to take the place.
  • We will see conversion rate optimization- CRO is about more than just testing but also about creating a process that will help improve conversion over time.
  • We can see less traffic from more popular searches- this is because new integrations to Google and other search engines give you the results you’re looking for without ever having to click on the actual link. This means more searches are answered without ever leaving the search engine.

There are always changing trends in the world of search engine optimization. The New Year is likely to bring us some changes we were not expecting and some that we were. The best rule of thumb is to remain flexible since you never know exactly how the industry will evolve.

When you stay flexible and stay abreast of the news in the industry, you will be ready for whatever kinds of changes 2010 brings us for SEO. This is the only real sure bet technique we have in the world of SEO which can change so much and so often.