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How Social Media Affects SEO

Posted May 9th 2014 Blogs - 0 Comments

SeoSocial media has greatly impacted the Internet and it’s changed the way people share information. These platforms have become a major way for companies to market their business and that has led to other changes, including the way search engines rank websites.

Search engines like Google use social media platforms to help determine where a site should rank on the search results page. In fact, they consider these social networks to be a very important factor in determining how valuable your site is and this greatly affects search engine optimization. Below are some of the main ways that social media affects SEO.

Content Sharing

When users share your content, whether it’s a tweet, post, photo or whatever, search engines view this as a sign that you’re providing quality content that offers users something of value. Otherwise, they would not be sharing it with others. As a result, every time users share your social media content, it helps to move you up in rank and makes your site more visible.

These networking sites can also help search engines index the content on your site faster because links are shared more often between your followers. Of course, the more times your content is shared, who’s sharing it and when it’s being shared will also affect indexing.

Keywords Still Play a Major Role in SEO

Everyone knows how important keywords are when it comes to SEO. However, what you may not know is that the keywords you use in your social media profile, description and posted content that link back to your website can also help move you up in rank.

Even how active your followers are plays a role in how social media sites affect SEO. When your community is actively liking and sharing your content, it builds credibility and establishes you as an expert in your field. This is why following and being followed by influential people within your industry is so important. The right influences can move you up in rank faster.

Link Building

Link building still has a major impact on where you rank in searches. When other websites link back to your site it tells the search engines that you have something of value to offer and this moves you up in rank. Therefore, it makes sense that they would look at the links leading from your social media platforms to your site as being valuable. The more often your links are shared, the more credible your site appears and this helps to move you up in rank.

Search engines are dedicated to providing users with the content that is most relevant and valuable to them based on searches. This is what they look for when determining where to place your site on the search results page. It’s also why social media has such an impact on SEO. What it all comes down to is this.

The more active your community is and the more they share your content, the more credible your site appears. You become an authority in your industry and search engines begin to view your content as having something of value to offer users. You’ll begin to move higher up on the search results page, become more visible to users and your website traffic will begin to increase even more. As a result, you’ll increase brand awareness and sales.


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