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Hummingbird Google Update: How It Affects SEO Strategies

Posted February 8th 2014 Blogs - 0 Comments

google hummingbirdBy now, you’ve probably heard a little about Hummingbird but you may not know exactly what it is and how it affects your SEO strategies. Hummingbird is the newest algorithm update from Google and it plays a major role in where your website ranks in searches. The more you know about it, the easier it will be to abide by the rules so you can rank higher on the search results page.

Google is always making changes designed to meet the growing needs of its users and this new update is just another way of accomplishing that goal. The new Hummingbird algorithm will help give users a better online experience, by helping them find content that is more relevant to their searches than ever before.

Hummingbird Changes Cater to the Way Users Search

A growing number of users tend to be more conversational when conducting searches. In other words, they ask questions as if they were talking to someone when typing in their search requests, as opposed to using single words or keyword phrases.

This trend may have started with the increase in Smartphone users that search the Internet by voice command, since you tend to ask questions when speaking instead of just saying a few words. Regardless of how or why this change came about, Google is responding to it and catering to the way users search with the Hummingbird update.

How Hummingbird Affects SEO

Understanding how Google ranks your site will help you get better results with your SEO efforts. The good news is that many of the SEO practices that you use now are still relevant so you don’t have to make major changes. However, you will need to tweak the way you use keywords and make a few simple changes to your SEO strategy.

In a sense, Google’s newest update is answering the questions users ask when conducting searches. Therefore, you need to reword or add to your main keywords to answer the questions that you believe users will ask when searching for anything related to your industry.

For this reason, longtail queries will now get better results than using one or two keywords. When you add longer keyword phrases that answer the questions many users are asking, your website will show up as relevant when Google searches for the answers to the questions. You don’t need to make major changes, just use the same keywords that you currently use that get good responses and simply add to them.

Google also looks for sites with good, relevant information when responding to searches, so changing your SEO strategy to help Google understand your websites theme will also help the new algorithm find your site. You can do this by utilizing structured data and backlinks that connect you with other professionals within the same industry.

It will take more time to see how these changes affect the future of SEO. However, continuing to focus on providing quality content, adding long tail keyword phrases and helping Google understand your website’s theme, will help you rank higher with the new Hummingbird algorithm update.


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