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Keyword Density Doesn’t Have a Magic Number

Posted September 22nd 2009 Keyword Research

One of the most asked questions about SEO and keyword density is “How much do I need?”  People will ask what the ideal density percentage is, how many times they need to use a particular keyword and more. You may be curious about the ratio of keywords to regular test on your website and what it needs to be for you to get ranked by search engines.

It’s also likely that you’re going to hear a variety of different answers to these questions. Some people think they have the exact answers to how many keywords you should use but the real truth is there is no magic number for keyword density.

Some people make the mistake of thinking more is better. The truth is that too high of a density can get you penalized or even blocked my by search engines that might see you as a keyword spammer. Then again, too little density and it might not make much of a difference in helping you get ranked.

It’s a complex matter because what is high for one niche or keyword may be acceptable for another. It requires research into your niche and related keywords to get a better idea for what you need. One of the most important things you can do is to be sure you provide useful, interesting information.

No matter what your keyword density, if you have useful information that people want to read, the traffic will come in. Then your SEO will only add to the benefits you’re already getting from quality content.

You also need to be sure your content is actually relevant to your target niche and the keywords you are trying to market with. You can get penalized with this as well if it appears that you are trying to falsify the keywords. Also, your human visitors won’t care much for a site they find due to false or unrelated keywords.

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