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Avoid These Common Link Building Mistakes

Posted September 28th 2009 Link Building

You’ve probably heard about successful link building and what an amazing difference can make on your SEO. If you want your site to get ranked and get noticed, link building is the way to go. The problem with any technique that becomes as popular is that people try to jump on the bandwagon when they don’t know what they’re doing.

This can mean big problems for your link building campaign. You can’t just run out there and start plastering links all over your website. You also don’t want pages just filled with links to other sites with no apparent order or purpose to them. Links are an excellent (and free) method of effectively increasing your SEO when done correctly.

Here are some things to avoid:

  • Purchasing/ joining link building farms
  • Failing to acquire reciprocal links
  • Not getting low PR links
  • Not linking out- to high authority sites
  • Not checking your reciprocal links on partner websites
  • Not using anchor text in the link
  • Failing to investigate the competition- who’s linking to them?

If you’re going to use paid links, be sure to cover up the footprints. Google will de-index you for paid links. They are constantly on the search for any and all paid links. If you absolutely must use them, you better make sure you cover your tracks or in can end up costing you everything.

Remember that there is a small drawback to building links- you can lose a bit of credibility with the search engines. The best way to compensate for this is to avoid the mistakes above and be sure you only link to high quality links closely related to your niche.

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