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Building a Link Exchange Directory

Posted July 3rd 2009 Link Building

You may already know that there is great value in building true reciprocal links. However, do you also know that if you properly manage your links, these pages can bring you additional search engine traffic? Building a link exchange directory and managing your pages accordingly can be one of the most important things you do to help promote your website.

If you want to organize your link exchange directory so that it can be easily managed, here are some tips and ideas. First, ensure your main directory categories page is linked from your main page. You need to be sure the search engines can find this page and having these link pages organized with strong keyword based pages will help you do this.

You should modify your Meta tags so that they reflect the contents of that particular link page. It’s also important to keep your pages short. You don’t want to have hundreds of links on one page. The typical rule for reciprocal links would be 20 per page and you can link to additional pages if you need to.

You should also be sure you keep each site theme on its own page. You want to group like websites together on one page and create different pages for different themes.

Be sure you keep a submission form for visitors to request a link exchange. This can save you time and money when gaining new reciprocal links. However, don’t except every link that is submitted through your form. Research it and make sure it meets the qualifications needed to link exchange with your site.

Here are some additional tips:

  • Update regularly- You should make it a part of your regular routine to exchange links and update your link exchange directory
  • Automate as much as you can- If you can use scripts to save you time and money by automating certain tasks, it can benefit you
  • Always link back to your main site- If someone finds your site through an SEO-based search of a page on your directory, you want them to be able to find their way to your main page as well

An organized link exchange directory not only looks better and is more manageable to your guests, but it will help you increase the traffic to your site in the right way.

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