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Link Building Strategies that Really Work

Posted January 25th 2013 Link Building

When you begin a new blog or website your first goal will be the content that you will include, your next thought should be link building strategies. Link building is a sure way to get your site or blog to rank higher in the search engines. There are several strategies that smart web masters use to obtain quality back-links. Link building should not fall into the realm of spamming. It is important to only place links on sites where your link will be beneficial, or that are designed for link building.

Sites Designed for Link Building

Some sites that are designed for link building include many free content sites and web rings. To build many quality back-links to your site it is important, post free content articles on sites such as Ezine and Article Alley. Participating in web-rings is also a great way to build your links. You will find many blogs and websites are listed as do-follow sites which means that when a link is placed there the search engines will crawl it. You may be surprised to find that as much as Facebook is used for networking and posting links, it is a no-follow site. So when you post a link there, all you are really doing is some self promotion that may be picked up by people on your friends list and passed around the Facebook site, but this will not improve your search rank and does not qualify as a quality back-link.


Visit other blogs and websites to build your back-links. Participating in forums and commenting on blogs will not only allow people to know who you are, build your reputation as an expert in your niche and to ask you questions which opens the floor for you to post your link.

Your Content

Another excellent way to strategize your link building is to write excellent blog posts that invite discussion, comments and sharing. Once people become interested in your posts and begin to forward them to others to read you will see your search result ranking climb ever steadily higher. Some people may even post their own blogs linking to yours if you write a really thought provoking post.

By providing quality information and reliable services your site or blog will grow on its own over time, but having a link building strategy is important to help you get established. The idea behind a website or blog is to solve a problem for a certain group of people, but if those people don’t know that the site exists then there is no way for you to help them. It is not just financially beneficial to have a link building strategy it is also a testament to your expertise when your site rises to the top of the search engines for your niche.