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Link Building Tips: How New Websites Can Build Links

Posted January 25th 2013 Link Building

Start building links today

If you have a new website that you are seeking to get noticed with link building, it pays to have some strategies in mind to help you achieve this. If this is your first website or blog, it may be even more difficult for you to get things rolling. Link building can be a great help, but only when it is done properly and efficiently.

You can use link building tips to achieve free links from websites that are already established. This will greatly help you as a new site to become established yourself. These tips are based on or targeted to link insertion or targeted link placement where you have control over the anchor text that is used.

Here are some ways to build links:

  • Submit your site to Web directories- this can be a long and monotonous process but can pay off if you have the time to deliver on it. You can use both web directories and blog directories to get your site indexed. This could result in several hundred backlinks from this alone.
  • Use social bookmarking and voting websites- Sites like Digg and StumbleUpon are one way to et your website indexed and noticed by the masses. These sites are often crawled by the major search engines as well and can contribute to traffic and back-linking of your new site.
  • Submit press releases to online PR sites- You can write simple press releases announcing the launch of your new site and distribute it to PR sites who will then distribute to other online news outlets.
  • Post comments on other blogs and websites- spend some time reading other blogs and websites and leaving meaningful comments (not spam) that contain your links back to your site.
  • Use article submissions- you can also create short articles on the topic of your site and submit to article marketing sites with links back to your website. This is also a way to help establish yourself as an expert in your niche while gaining backlinks.
  • Reciprocal link with similar websites-if you are going to use reciprocal links, it’s important to use those that are of high relevance to your topic so that you get links and traffic. It’s useful as a beginning tactic but you don’t want to overdo it. More is not best in this situation.
  • Hold contests and events- Another way to gain links to your site is to hold a contest or other Web-related event and then advertise it. People will continue to spread the news of your event through social networking, blogs and other media.
  • Use a quality, dependable link building site- an experienced link building site like SEODriven can help you to get the quality link building you really need. An expert can take all the guesswork out of a link building campaign and really get you started on the right track from the very beginning.

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