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2009 SEO Rules and Techniques

Posted May 26th 2009 Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is not a static practice. Instead, it changes over time and your website should mold and adjust to these changes if you want to maintain good rankings. You have to be able to keep up with the changes that take place each year.

The world of search is changing and many people believe it is taking a large transformation in 2009. The main search engines like Google are starting to value your choices and clicks as a way to reference you relevant results for your search queries. There are a lot of predictions about how the search world is going to change in the coming months and years but most believe it will take on a more personal touch.

One thing that most gurus agree upon is that content is still king. Your content will rule over any other tips or tactics that you try to use to get rankings. Let’s face it; when you have great content, people will come.

Web 2.0 is no longer considered a trend since nearly all new sites support Web 2.0. Blogging and micro-blogging, however, are growing in support. With the attention of blogging, it’s very useful in your SEO plan. Less emphasis is being put on Meta tags and targeted keywords.

Instead, relevancy of the content is more important. Videos and podcasts are gaining importance through Google and other search engines and can greatly help you increase your SEO worthiness.  Rich media content can also help you get fast results. Videos placed on YouTube can rank within Google search results within days.

Social marketing and social media sites are some of the most effective ways to keep your content visible in the major search engines. Learn to participate in conversational social marketing techniques. Create a solid presence amongst diverse media outlets. This also shows that you are keeping up with the trends and that you are comfortable being a part of them.

For 2009 SEO, learn who your most valuable customers are and take time to discover what attracts them. Focus on these prospects as opposed to trying to appeal to the masses. Narrow your focus and get more targeted results from people who actually want your product or service. The main point to take away from this is to pay less attention to ranking and more attention to your conversions from traffic.

Make use of the tools available to help you track your traffic and conversions. Web analytics tools will help you identify important information about how is coming to your site and you can use this to better optimize your site in the future.  Remember that it does little good to be ranked number one when those visits aren’t converting for you.