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Hot Tips for On-Site SEO

Posted September 30th 2009 Search Engine Optimization

You’ve probably heard that on-site SEO will be helpful to your site but if you’re like most people, you really don’t know what to do or where to begin. There are some simple steps you can learn to increase your on-site SEO and once you learn them, they can be started right away.

Here are some examples of these things:

  • Place keywords in your <title>
  • Write alt text in images
  • Create a sitemap
  • Use H1 tags for article heading
  • Highlight the article keywords
  • Use keyword rich anchor text for inter-linking your pages

Each of these things has a useful purpose in the SEO-friendliness of your site. Placing keywords in the ALT attribute of your images tag will increase the keyword density of a page and it will also rank your images in Google image search. Be sure to avoid keyword stuffing in these situations.

For example, the sitemap will give you better chances of getting indexed fully by Google. It can also be very helpful if you re-organize your site or add new pages and content. The more pages that get indexed by Google, the more search results you can get for your site which equals more traffic.

Heading tags are very important and you should try to use H1 and H2 where relevant. Highlighting the keywords using bold text is another SEO tactic that helps the Google crawlers/bots identify and classify your site.

If the site in question is a content site, it will also be helpful to interlink or cross link your posts/pages with keyword rich anchor text. This can help improve user navigation, making it easier for visitors to your site to find their way around and it also helps your visibility in Google rankings.

This is not all that is contained in great website SEO but these are some basic things you can begin doing right now. If you want more in-depth and complete search engine optimization of your website, it’s suggested you hire a specialist in the field with the experience needed to help you.

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