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How to Build Organic SEO

Posted August 9th 2013 Search Engine Optimization - 0 Comments

Organic SEOSince Google made changes to its algorithms, the way you use SEO has also changed. While this has many benefits, it also means that you need to build organic SEO to increase traffic to your websites. This takes more time and effort on your part but the results are worth it. Understanding how Google works when ranking website will help you build organic SEO that will be picked up during searches. Here’s how to get started.

Create Quality SEO Content

The content you create should be relevant to your business and it should provide the viewer with information they can use. For example, it could explain how to use certain products correctly or offer tips on different ways to use your products. When coming up with content, consider what you would want to know if you were the consumer trying to learn more about a company and the products it sells. This will help you create unique, quality content that consumers will want to view.

Create Titles Relevant to the Content

The title of your content is more important than you may know. You need a catchy title that grabs the attention of the reader to get them interested but at the same time, it must be relevant to the content. It should also contain the main keyword or phrase used in your article, blog, post, etc.

Use Keywords Correctly

All content should contain keywords specifically related to the subject. When keywords are strategically placed throughout your content and on your home page, it will help Google find your site when those words or phrases or typed into the search engine. As a result, your site will move up in rankings.

It is very important however, to use keywords correctly. Google will notice if you’re stuffing keywords into your content and instead of moving up in rankings, you may be pushed down to the bottom. A good rule to follow is one keyword or phrase for every 100 words. This will be enough to get you noticed without keyword stuffing and it makes it easier to use the keywords naturally so the sentences will flow and read smoothly.

Establish Yourself as an Expert

It’s important that you establish yourself as an expert in your industry and one way to do that is by interacting with the users and other professionals. Answer questions, leave comments and give your opinion when appropriate to help accomplish this goal. Taking advantage of inbound linking will also help to establish you as an expert in your industry. When you contribute valuable information, others will show their appreciation by linking back to your site and this will help to build organic SEO.

Build Up Your Social Media Presence

Part of building organic SEO involves building up your social media presence. Google search algorithms uses information from social networking sites as part of their ranking system. Millions of people use social networking sites daily and Facebook boast over a billion users, so it’s easy to see why social media updates take priority over other forms of information.

It takes time and effort to build organic SEO but in the end, your efforts will be rewarded.

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