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How to Optimize Your Shopping Cart

Posted July 14th 2009 E-Commerce Search Engine Optimization - 0 Comments

When you have a shopping cart driven website, search engine optimization is very important. When your entire site is a shopping cart system, you will have to optimize the shopping cart itself for your e-commerce site to be SEO friendly.

Here are a few tips on how you can do that:

  • Start link building- there are many different ways to link build for your site. While there are many SEO tactics you can use on your site, you also need to build links so you can get traffic to your site in the first place.
  • Make the inventory “spiderable”- Using long links that cannot be remembered by a human user and that contain confusing parameters to a search engine spider will reduce the optimization of your shopping cart and e-commerce site as a whole. Replace everything with clear, clean, optimized links.
  • Know what your clients/customers are searching for. – An e-commerce site is different from a brick and mortar store in the sense that you need to label products in the simple formats that people will be searching for. Fancy words and descriptions can hurt your searchability.
  • Always make proper use of your title tags with SEO keywords in mind, including the product and brand name as well as model name and number.
  • Write descriptive texts about each product and category using keywords.
  • Use keyword rich headings H1, H2, etc.
  • Write an excellent Meta description (unique to each page) to get people to click in the SERPs.
  • Remove and reduce any duplicate content. While most shopping carts allow you to add products to multiple categories, if they do not have fresh content in each listing, it will be flagged as duplicate content which can hurt your link equity.
  • Also be sure your content and your products descriptions are completely unique from any competitor’s out there. Never use pre-written manufacturer’s descriptions the way they are listed. Have your own unique descriptions written.
  • Don’t forget your site map. This is another very important SEO step that often goes unnoticed in the website creation process.

Now that you know more about search engine friendly shopping cart, put it into practice and fully optimize your e-commerce site today. As you can see, some shopping carts go wrong right from the get-go. You can prevent these common problems and excel over the competition.

However, if you feel the need to have a professional optimize your shopping cart site then let SEOdriven.com put together the right SEO strategy for your website. We are a Miami Search Engine Optimization company that specializes on search engine friendly shopping cart systems.

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