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How to Write Quality SEO Articles

Posted July 8th 2013 Search Engine Optimization - 0 Comments

SEO ArticlesWhen conducting article marketing it is important to remember that quality is the most important aspect today.  Yes there was a time when all you needed was a keyword heavy article and the Google crawlers would find the keywords and rank them.  Today, it is not about the quantity of the keywords or even of the articles, now it is more important to offer good articles that have quality content.  There are so many writers who are focusing on SEO article marketing that it is important that you offer something that they do not.  The following are some tips to writing quality SEO articles to put your writing at the head of the pack.

Choose Relevant Topics

It is important to have topics that are relevant to the business and it is important to offer descriptions of the topic through the entire article.  It can be difficult enough trying to keep your readers engaged so you need to have a great topic.  When you lose the focus of the article then you also lose your readers and you defeated the whole purpose of the content.  This can also confuse your SEO efforts and can actually harm your search engine ranking.  So you need to make your topic relevant to the website and you must stay on topic no matter what the word count of the article is.

Keyword Density Must be Correct

Many writers make the mistake of shoving as many keywords into one article as possible even if they don’t fit in organically.  While you do want to make use of keywords, it has to make sense to the reader and it should never go over two percent of the final word count of the article.  If you want to use more than one keyword this is fine but again, none of the keywords should go over the two percent mark.  It’s always best to stick to one percent if you are using multiple keywords in one article.

Using Multiple Keywords

Now that we have discussed the keyword density and the ability to use more than one keyword in an article, it is vital that you never use two keywords in the same sentence.  It’s a good idea not to use them in the same paragraph when possible but they should never be next to each other.  For instance if you have the two keywords, chicken and dinner, even though they fit organically and make sense together, they should be separated for SEO purposes. Keep the keywords separated for the most effective search engine results.

Article marketing is a great way for writers to make some money from home or to subsidize their income part time.  It is important for all SEO writers to understand the rules of this business by understanding how keyword density works and how to use multiple keywords in a single article.  Finally, make sure that you stay on topic when writing your articles or you’ll lose both your readers and the web crawlers that are looking for content.

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