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Maximizing Your Website Title, Header and Meta Tag Content

Posted May 18th 2009 Search Engine Optimization

When optimizing your website for search engines, your website title tag, header tag and Meta tag content are important. These sections of your website are very important from an SEO perspective and can make a big difference in the overall optimization of your site.

Often people will use a welcome line or paragraph for their site. This seems the natural thing to say but in most cases this headline is actually not optimized (unless your company name is a keyword) so this actually diminishes the power of your SEO title for the page.

This is especially negative if your company name or website name are not relative to your subject area. It’s important to think about what someone would naturally type into a search engine to find your site.

Heading- the heading <H> tag is an HTML tag which contains the headings or subtitles that are visible on a page. These headings work to provide a summary of the page content. From an SEO perspective, they should contain the keywords you need to be picked up by the search engine spiders. There can be multiple heading tags on a page such as H1, H2, H3, and so on.

Meta tags- The Meta tags <Meta> contain information specific about the page and it is placed in the HTML header of the Web page which is not actually visible through web browsers. This means visitors to your site will not see this information, however, it can be an important part of SEO. Search engine spiders will pick up the keywords contained in your Meta tags. Meta keyword and Meta description tags are the most common Meta tags used for SEO.

Title- The title tag <title> is the HTML tag with text that describes your Web page. The title should have strategic keywords for your page and should be constructed with humans and search spiders in mind. Search engines pay more attention to this title text when they are indexing pages on the Web so this can help your page get higher rankings.

In addition to choosing the right keywords, here are some other tips to help maximize the SEO of these sections of your website:

  • Have the most important words or main keywords in the beginning of your title
  • Keep the title tag between 60-90 characters
  • Use your Meta tags correctly and with properly chosen keywords
  • Don’t try to trick the search engines with irrelevant tags
  • Incorrectly coded Meta tags can show up as garbled text to search engine results
  • Broken or incorrect code can make it more difficult for search engine spiders to crawl and rank your site

When creating and optimizing your site, remember the importance of your website title tag, header tag and Meta tag content and utilize the tips mentioned above to improve your chances on getting higher rankings for your keywords.