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Real Spam-Free SEO Tips

Posted March 18th 2013 Blogs Search Engine Optimization - 0 Comments

seoThere is a lot of advice on search engine optimization out there. Nearly anyone who uses the Internet knows how important it is. But what a lot of people don’t know is how to do it correctly. SEO is important because this is how your site and its pages show up in a search to an Internet user. The more relevant your site is to the specific search, the higher it will show in the search results and the more views you will receive. This obviously means a bigger audience, which is great for your site and your brand.

There are many different factors that weigh into SEO and we don’t know all the algorithms that big search engines like Google use to measure this. They don’t want us to know or people would regularly be gaming the system. However, they do give us some hints and guidelines to help site owners remain in the guidelines of what they want for honest and accurate search. This is what we use to create real, spam-free SEO.

Here are some real spam-free SEO tips that you can take with you and begin using today.

Using Keywords Correctly

You know that keywords are important. We hear about them all the time. However, it’s not how often you use them but which keywords and phrases you use and how you use them within your site. You need to begin with some keyword research and you need to understand who your target market is and what words and phrases people use to find your products or services on the web. What keywords are your competitors using? Once you’ve done the keyword research, be sure to use the keywords correctly and in the right locations. Don’t overdo it in the text. Be sure to use them in your alt tags for your images, your title tags and as they occur naturally on the page text. Try to focus each page on one keyword only and not too many keywords per page.

Get Linkbacks Honestly

We are told that backlinks (or links back to your site) are important but some people misunderstand and go crazy with the links. You want natural, honest links from quality sources. You also don’t want links from just any old site. You want links from relevant sites- those that are in similar niche to yours. For quality SEO, you should try to entire respected, industry-leader websites to link to your web pages. To do this, you need to give them something worth linking to.

Which brings us around to our next tip…

Produce and Post Quality Content

You have been told “content is king” but what does that even mean? It’s an overused phrase that still has some basis in fact. Search engines truly do care about your content. Why? Well, they care because the human visitor cares. Internet users got tired of searching for something and finding low quality, spammy sites in the top search results.

You want to be sure each page of your website has a unique title and unique content. To help you understand this concept, remember that search engines rank web pages, not entire websites. So you should look at each page as its own piece of the whole but in terms of content, just look at that page alone. Does the title reflect what it is about? Does the content make sense and give something of value? When each page is a quality page, you know your entire website is going to be a quality site.

We want answers and facts and interesting content. We want to get relevant pages when we do a search. We want to be informed and entertained. Quality content gives us what we want.

These quality tips for SEO focus on real results that both the search engines and the human reader will love. This will keep your site in the rankings and people’s favorites list for a long time.

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