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SEO Copywriting Techniques for Results

Posted July 22nd 2009 Search Engine Optimization

You may have heard about the importance of copy on your website when it comes to SEO. Anyone with a website wants to be sure they get the best ranking possible and there are many tips, tricks and techniques out there to help you do so. However, you’ve probably also hear that when it comes to SEO, “content is king”.

The truth is that content is only king when it’s quality content and quite frankly, there’s a lot of low quality content making the rounds out there on the Internet. People are tired of seeing the same old junk, poorly written copy, blatant sales ads and even poor spelling and grammar from a business they are supposed to be taking seriously.

Proper SEO copywriting will give you the results you want while simultaneously bringing in more customers because they genuinely like what you have to offer. When we talk about the content of a site, this includes the title, description, specific keywords as well as the headlines and body of each page on your website. Every word counts and you need to know how to make it work for you.

One of the biggest mistakes people can make with SEO copywriting is to overuse their keywords or not use them in a logical manner. They just throw them in there and hope they “stick” and work for them.

Here are some additional tips:

  • Write for your audience, not for yourself
  • Avoid using your own opinions in your copy
  • Grab their attention right away before they click away
  • Always proofread and avoid spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Think before writing
  • Know the answers to important points your customers will ask
    • What are the benefits of your product?
    • How is your product better than the competition?
    • How can you persuade people to buy it?
    • What assurance do you provide that people will like your product?
  • Always include accurate facts and figures
  • Keep descriptions short and simple

Your content should give the people answers to these questions. They should feel there is a benefit to them for being on your site, using your product or service, etc.

Keyword and keyword phrase selection should also be done correctly. Key phrases should define your website theme, describe your product or service and possible include the name of your city or country to provide uniqueness and local search engine optimization.

SEO copywriting needs to have the proper blend of writing for search engines and writing for the actual human visitor. Not everyone can blend this successfully. This is when it can really pay off for you to hire a professional SEO copywriter to help you get the most from your website copy.

If you need help with SEO copywriting for your website, contact SEO Driven today. We have packages available to assist you with all aspects of your site search engine optimization, including content/copy.