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SEO Efforts for a Small Business with a Limited Budget

Posted November 12th 2013 Search Engine Optimization - 0 Comments


It is never easy for small businesses to get the same SEO strategies because of the limited budget that they have for marketing and promoting a website.  This means that they have to fall back on low quality SEO services which do not really help them with their search engine ranking.  In some cases, they even opt out for fear of having their site hacked or otherwise put at risk through bottom rate SEO companies.  Thankfully for website owners, there are some things that can be done to improve these efforts without expending a year’s worth of income.  The following are some ways that small business owners can have great SEO efforts without breaking the bank.

Delete Duplicate Content

Many small businesses do not even realize that they have posted duplicate content on their website.  Even though there’s no penalty through Google and other search engines, it is still a good idea to make sure all content is unique and not a duplicate post,

announcement or blog.  Even though search engines don’t have a problem with this, the bots that work for the search engines can have some issues and this content can be confusing for them.  The original and duplicate content may cause the page to lose ranking and when a page’s rank is vital; this can be a huge deal.  So make sure that all content is original, has not been used before or is rewritten to be unique while dealing with the same subject.

Vertical Searches

What vertical searches do for a website and SEO efforts is give Google and other search engines more content to use for ranking.  Just a decade ago you would see just a list of the top websites for keywords displayed and that was it.  Today, there are paid ads on the right hand side of the search return along with videos, social media and actual web pages.  This means that it is vital to have videos on YouTube that are searchable and for those who can afford it, try promoting through the paid advertising on Google and other search engines.  It is important to have searchable content that fits in a wide variety of categories so that you can benefit from vertical searches and get higher search engine rankings too.

Social Media

Social mediais a hot commodity these days.  It seems that everyone has at least two or three social media accounts.  For this reason, social media is now being tracked by search engines such as Google in order to determine search engine ranking.  When a business is not using social media as a marketing tool, this means the loss of a free opportunity to boost search engine rankings.  Every business must have at least a Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram account if they want to have any hope of getting high search engine returns.  This goes for small business owners too and this is a free way to not only get great search engine results, but it’s a wonderful free marketing strategy.

Even though you may own a small business, this does not mean that you cannot improve your SEO efforts.  The above strategies can help any business get higher search engine rankings and can allow them to compete in any market.

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