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Three SEO Tips That are Constant

Posted September 28th 2013 Search Engine Optimization - 0 Comments

SEONot many web owners were without considerable grief over the new algorithm changes that Google made over the summer.  There have been seven changes that have been implemented with varying degrees of severity and through it all; there are those who remain calm.  If you are one of the ones who were panicking, wouldn’t you love to be on the side of those who are sitting back unconcerned?  Thankfully there are some constants in SEO that you can stick to if you don’t want to worry about the next set of changes that Google decides to make.  Below are just three ways that you can stay constant no matter what happens with Google.

It’s about the Branding

Most companies are so worried about their website’s ranking that they are not paying attention to their branding.  While your website’s ranking does matter, there are always changes being made to the Google algorithms that can cause that rank to either go higher or lower.  One thing that never changes is your brand, unless you rebrand, so that should be your main focus.  Instead of worrying about where your rank, keep your brand alive through social media sites and other methods and you can be assured your ranking will stay solid.   No matter what Google does, you can always count on your brand to continue to bring you the traffic and business that you need.

Make Your Site Easy to Navigate

Not every website owner can have a website that ranks number one at all times, in fact, this is nearly impossible to do.  Now, imagine that your website visitors can’t find their way around your site easily so they simply move on to another site where they will make a purchase.  How long do you think your site will maintain a number one ranking or even a page one ranking if you lose customers because your website is confusing?  It is a well known fact that you will have return business if you keep your website organized and easy to navigate through.  This should be your main concern when designing your website as Google doesn’t have any algorithms based on the layout of websites.

Maintain the Website’s URLs

Old URLs tend to rank higher than other types of newer URLS and while these others can be great for SEO pros, they can take away from the overall search engine ranking.  Unless there is a drastic need for a new URL, you need to keep the same one for as long as you plan on doing business online.  If you want to update your site, add products to your line or rebrand, you should always do this on the same URL that you have always used. You will never see one of the huge brands in the world changing their URL every time they launch a new product.

When Google decides to change their algorithms there are many website owners who get nervous about what this will do to their ranking.  As long as you maintain the three issues above then you should never worry about where your website is ranked on any search engine.


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