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What Makes an SEO Friendly Website?

Posted May 28th 2013 Search Engine Optimization - 0 Comments

seo designDoes it bother you that other websites are ranking higher in the search engines than your website is and do you wonder how you can get your website up there with them?  One of the biggest reasons these other website garner these rankings is because they understand the need for SEO optimization.  Sadly, there are many great companies that don’t understand the logistics of search engine optimization and because of this they are lacking online.  So what can you do to get your website up in the first page of web searches?

The following are some tips for creating an SEO friendly website:

  • Utilizing Keywords – The most important factor for SEO are the keywords that are used to describe your company type and the products you offer.  You need to really think about this aspect and find keywords or phrases that are concise and yet convey the message you are trying to send.  These are also the words that people use to search for products online.  If you take the time and effort to go through this process your website rankings will climb.
  • Properly Placing the Keywords – Once you have gathered up your keywords and you know they are good because you can search out your competitors with them, you need to have the proper placement.  Use these keywords in your Meta tags and descriptions.  Place them in bullet points on the website and use them in your slogans or even your branding.  The main thing is positioning them properly to ensure that they are on the site and can be found when searching.  If you have an article marketing campaign, use them in the articles but be careful not to overload the articles.  You want to have quality over quantity.
  • Navigating the Website – Every website should be easy to navigate.  Your customers should never have to search out products or services.  Use text based links rather than flash based links which just clog up the website.  Flash also takes much longer to load and uses more bandwidth than the text based links.
  • Utilizing Social Media – Make sure you use social media to drive customers to your website and offer social media links on your site.  When a customer likes your website, it should link to your Facebook account.  They should also be able to click a link to go to your Twitter account.
  • Have a Site Map – Search engines need site maps for the web crawling process.  If you don’t have a site map, you lose out on this huge aspect of SEO.  This is the blue print for your website so make sure you include one so the search engine can see all of your pages.

It may require a bit more work to make your website SEO friendly but the results can be astounding.  By taking the above steps, your website can move up to a page one search result.  It may take some time but it will happen and the new business you get from the time taken is well worth it.

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