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How SEO Boosts Your Branding

Posted January 9th 2013 Blogs Keyword Research Social Media

Search Engine Optimization If one of your goals in the New Year is to increase your branding, then you can benefit a lot from learning more about SEO. While search engine optimization is sometimes only looked at as something to get your website ranked higher in the search engines, there is actually more to it than that which can really benefit you.

SEO can help you create a brand for your business if you’re not currently building visibility and brand awareness. Even if branding is new to you, SEO will help you cultivate the image you want in the consumer’s mind. Through SEO, you can find increased visibility and with this, you build a greater recognition of your product. This will also influence buying behaviors. Consumers tend to buy more of the products and services they are familiar with, especially if they had a positive experience.

How Does SEO Branding Work?

Let’s look at it from the view of the consumer. Say you are shopping for something online and you find a product. Then later you see the same product in other related searches. That product is going to jump out at you because you’ve previously seen it. Now let’s say you head over to Amazon and you also find it in the top search results there. You’re going to be curious about this product because you keep seeing it everywhere. If it’s so popular, maybe it’s the right choice?

You see where we are going with this. So then you explore more and you just might discover this product has everything that you were looking for when you first began shopping. So you go ahead and buy it! You’re much more likely to appreciate the product and buy it again.

So what happened here?

SEO was working for our “test product”. Quality SEO will give you increased visibility in all searches online and more visibility means increased brand recognition. A real key here is to have quality SEO- not blackhat or spam tactics. Basically what we mean is that the keywords you are optimizing for need to actually relate to your product. What if you were searching for a specific shampoo for sensitive skin and one product kept coming up in the results for you to find that it’s not actually for sensitive skin at all? Not only would you be annoyed but if you bought this item without careful inspection, you might end up sick or with a rash.

Don’t target a keyword simply because it sounds good, or because your competitors do. You need to make sure that keyword phrase truly fits your product or service before using it to optimize for search. If you’re running a business, you need to have a high focus on SEO and branding SEO can be just the way to do that.

Combining SEO with Your Branding

So now you see how it works- how do you make it happen? The first and most important thing to remember about SEO branding is that it works both ways. You can just as easily create a poor impression of your company than a positive one. Always remember that anything you do or post online is representing your brand, especially when using SEO.

Customers may not yet be thinking about your brand in any specific light but when SEO helps bring it to the forefront of their eyes and memories, they will begin to inform impressions. It’s then your duty to ensure those impressions are good ones if you want to build and hold onto a loyal fanbase. This technique will help you build a positive impact on the value of your brand and your brand’s reputation but it can easily be damaged with mistakes, unethical practices and more.

So as you can see, SEO and branding can go hand-in-hand to creating a positive image of your company and increasing sales. Will you combine these techniques in 2013 to improve your business?