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Increase Your Web Traffic with Social Bookmarking

Posted May 15th 2009 Social Media

There are now many different social bookmarking sites out there and yet many business owners still don’t know what they are or how they can work to increase web traffic. Social bookmark websites like Delicious or Furl and Spurl, are basically sites that allow people to add and post their own links and then share them with others on the same site.

You can bookmark your favorite website links and then share them with the world. Another benefit to this is that you can access your account and your favorite links from any computer in the world with Internet access.

Now that you see how social bookmarking works, you might already be getting some ideas for how it can help you with link building. Here are some of the basic reasons why social bookmarking can help you increase your web traffic:

  • Build links quickly
  • Build links with interested visitors
  • Multiple links from each site
  • Get attention of web savvy visitors
  • Potential to go viral with your links
  • Sites send you more traffic

If you learn how to build a website that draws the interest of people using the Internet, the options that exist are limitless. You are also building links with people who would be interested in what you have to offer. When people look at links on social bookmarking sites, they often search their friends’ suggestions or they search by topic.

With many other forms of link building, you don’t have the opportunity to use multiple links from each site but with social bookmarking you can. Social bookmarking will help you gain the attention of more web savvy users, the sites will send more traffic your way and there is the great potential that your links will go viral.

This is how you do it:

  • Create an account on the social bookmarking site you wish to market with and bookmark your own site(s)
  • Look for groups you can join with interests related to your topics
  • Give reviews or rate other sites to gain attention and clout with the social bookmarking site
  • Heavily bookmarking sites will gain you more attention and reciprocal bookmarks

To create a solid reputation, you need to have interesting content on your site that people will want to pass on to others. You also need to avoid being spammy and be sure to participate in the communities you join. This will increase your web traffic with social bookmarking.