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Learning Social Media Etiquette

Posted September 18th 2009 Social Media

If you’re going to use social media as a method of advertising and connecting with an organic audience, you need to know basic social media etiquette. If you hire someone to manage your social media sites, you need to be sure you are working with an experience professional that knows proper etiquette as well and will represent you properly.

Social media sites are a great tool to use in marketing. They are aware that their sites will be used for these purposes and the people who use these sites are also aware of this fact. However, good marketing can be done through social media sites when it is done correctly.

This is a great marketplace full of ideas, random thoughts, fun links and a wealth of knowledge. You can make sure your business, brand name and website shows up in this marketplace but if you do it the wrong way, you could end up blacklisted.

Many businesses have found a way to carve their own piece out of the social media pie but members are still very choosey about who they communicate with or allow to communicate with them. If you break certain rules of etiquette, it’s likely you will be labeled as a spammer or even blocked and rejected by users of the site.

Here are some basic rules to keep in mind:

  • Avoid blatant spam of your links or products to people who haven’t had a conversation with or don’t even know
  • Don’t spam your links or products to new friends who you haven’t even talked to yet
  • Add a real photo and a relevant photo to your profile
  • Post useful information or content that people on your friends’ or following lists will be interested in
  • Know that you don’t have to follow or add everyone who asks you to
  • Don’t expect people to add you just because you add them or send them a request
  • Don’t use your numbers as a status symbol or verification of worth (and especially don’t brag about it)

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