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Link Building Tips- Use Twitter for Maximum Exposure

Posted February 3rd 2010 Link Building Social Media

If you want to learn how you can build better, strong links back to your Web site, Twitter is a great place to start. There are a lot of ways that businesses can benefit from Twitter and other similar social networking sites and you may have heard of this before. Link building is one way you can use Twitter to your advantage as a business.

Tweets are limited to 140 characters which means it’s important to “get down to business” and many people find it an easy and useful way to send messages and share links with others. If you read an interesting story, post a new blog or launch a new Web site, you can use Twitter to easily spread the news. Since the character limit is low on Twitter, users are often forced to convey their message through links instead and URL shorteners also exist to help you get more message in with your link.

You can also make your messages “retweetable” by keeping them below 120 characters and even asking people to please retweet (plz RT) for you. When you post something interesting, fun or entertaining, you can bet that it will be retweeted by at least some of your users. This means that the message goes out to their followers as well as to your following. This greatly increases the chances of people seeing and clicking on your links.

One of the main benefits to Twitter link building is that most of the clicks you receive through this method will be relevant to your network or niche. The chances are in your favor that the people who are visiting are interested in your topic or niche already. This means better, higher quality links and better conversions as well.

Just remember that if you want to make the most of Twitter, you need to do more than just blatant self-promotion. When you are a valued member of the community, you are much more likely to get clicks and visits to your links. You will also have more users passing along your links and when you provide links of value, people will be more likely to pass them on, increasing your exposure.

You can add “Tweet this” icons and links to your Web pages and blog posts which will encourage Twitter users who read your pages to forward them on to other people. This can be a great way to get your link around even more. If you’re willing to put in the effort, using Twitter for maximum exposure of link building is a great process that can get your Web site noticed by thousands and thousands of Web users.