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Marketing with Social Media: Be Sincere

Posted October 18th 2009 SEO Design Social Media

When using social media marketing, one of the most important things you can keep in mind is the importance of being sincere. When you come across as fake or as a spammer, no one is going to be interested in anything you might have to offer them.

In recent years, Internet marketing has replaced most conventional marketing techniques and has become a very effective way of getting the buzz going about your product, service or business. Businesses of all sizes and types are learning to leverage the powerful medium of the Internet to deliver the results that need and want.

One of these tools found online is social media and social media marketing is growing at a rapid rate. However, just like all things in business that become trendy, many people are doing it the wrong way. Promoting your business or website through sites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin and more is a great way to get the word out about who you are but when you do it incorrectly, it can be worse than not doing it at all.

Social media marketing is a great way to build a brand but you need to be sincere or you will create the wrong image of your brand or company name. So many well-meaning business people sign up for all of these accounts and then spam anyone or everyone who might have an interest in their niche. Sometimes they just spam everyone.

This is the kiss of death in social media today. No one wants to be spammed. No one wants to befriend a bot on a social networking site. No one wants to feel like you are shoving your advertising down their virtual throats.

This is where the real skill and tact comes in for social media marketing. First, you must be sincere in your attempts to connect with people and your desire to build these social networks around your company. If you can’t spare the time to do so or your network becomes so large you can’t manage it alone, you’re better off hiring someone to help but be sure it’s done the right way.

There are many “programs” out there that promise you 1,000’s of followers on Twitter, automatic updating to Facebook and more but not only are some dangerous scams to get your account information, most are just another form of spam or botting.

People go to social networking sites to connect with real people; not to be spammed by automated messages and friend invitations. While it can help you save time to automate some tasks, it should never come across to your connections that there is not still a real person behind the account name. If it does, you’ve lost them for good.

Traffic generated from social media is natural which makes it much more effective. If you pay your cards right and you’re sincere with your social media marketing, the results will be tremendous.

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