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3 Steps to Better Website Optimization

Posted June 27th 2014 SEO Blog - 0 Comments

optimizationIt takes a lot more to rank high in searches now than it used to because Google is dedicated to providing users with the very best experience possible. As a result, they’re a lot stricter than they used to be. Search engines look at how much value you have to offer users and what kind of experience they have. If your site does not measure up to their expectations, you’ll be left behind.

The rules change often so even if you have a site that ranked well in the past, you may still need to make changes to maintain your ranking status. The following 3 steps to better website optimization can help.

Build Your Site for the User for Better Website Optimization

When building your website, keep the user experience in mind. If your visitors do not receive any value from your site, it’ll result in a high bounce rate and that will tell search engines that you don’t have anything to offer. As a result, you’ll rank at the bottom of the search results page. You need to provide a positive experience that entices your visitors to stick around and click through your pages.

Create a unique but easy to use design that makes it easy for users to find what they need. Use an easy to read font and be concise in the information you provide. Users don’t want to sift through paragraphs of information or click through lots of pages to find what they’re looking for, so keep it simple for better optimization.

Build Your Site for Search Engines

This may seem like a contradiction but there are things you can do to target search engines behind the scenes that your visitors will never see. For example, using keyword phrases is a great way to get the attention of search engines but when used correctly your visitors will never know they exist. Using a site map helps search engines crawl your site for the information searched, which will help move you up in rank but it doesn’t interfere with the overall user experience.

Here at SEOdriven, we can help you build a search engine friendly web design that caters to the needs of your users and that gets the attention of the search engines. If you have an existing site, you can still give us a call if you’re not getting the results you would like to see. Our experts can even provide you with a free website analysis to see how well your website is performing and discuss ways to better optimize your site.

Speed Up Your Website

Another thing that will help you rank well in searches is speed. How fast do your pages load? Are users getting bored waiting and leaving your site? If you have a high bounce rate that could be one of your problems. People don’t have time to sit and wait for your pages to load. They want the information they seek to be available almost immediately so website speed is very important.

Ranking high on the search results page is vital in driving traffic to your site. Speed up your website, provide a positive experience for users and create a design to attract search engines and you’ll get results. These 3 steps to better website optimization can make a difference to help your site move up in rank.

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