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Does Your Website Need an SEO Audit?

Posted December 14th 2013 Latest News News - 0 Comments

Is your business website performing the way you hoped it would? Are you getting a lot of quality traffic to your site that ends in sales? If not, then your website probably needs an SEO audit. SEO plays a major role in how much traffic your website receives because it’s what the search engines use to locate websites during searches. If you’re using poor SEO techniques throughout your site, especially in your web design, then that could be the reason your site is not doing as well as you thought it would.

An SEO audit will help you determine if you need to make changes to acquire better search engine optimization to increase exposure and improve traffic. You can conduct one yourself but unless you are familiar with web design and all the rules associated with SEO, you would be better off hiring a professional service.

How an SEO Audit Can Make a Difference

When a professional SEO audit service conducts a full analysis on your website, they’ll evaluate the results and create a plan that will help increase your search rankings. The audit will measure and record all the factors that influence where you rank on the search results page. The information collected from the audit will help identify the audience you’re currently targeting, along with the return on investment so you can make adjustments if needed.

The audit will verify if your creation code is SEO friendly. If not, you need to replace it with a code that will increase content visibility. It will also evaluate your optimized keywords and phrases and rate how well they are working. You may need to make some changes in this area to increase the amount of traffic your site receives.

Added Benefits of Hiring a Professional SEO Audit Service

In addition to performing the audit and evaluating the results, a professional SEO audit service has other benefits that you won’t get directly from the audit itself. The professional performing the audit knows how different aspects of your website influences where you rank in searches and they can make suggestions to improve your site performance.

For example, pages that load slowly will often cause the user to move on to the next site. When users click out of your site before the pages even completely load, it will drop you lower in search rankings. Finding ways to make your pages load faster will increase page views and help move you up in rank.

They can determine how easy your site is to navigate because this will also affect where the search engines rank you on the results pages. A professional SEO audit service can also help you restructure the URLs to use SEO more efficiently, suggest new keywords that will help to increase traffic to your website and arrange your content order to help improve rankings.

SEO plays a major role in the success of your website, ultimately affecting the success of your company. If it’s been awhile since your website had an SEO audit, it’s time for another one. It could greatly improve the amount of traffic your site receives and increase sales.

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