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Engage Your Target Market for Increased SEO

Posted April 4th 2013 Search Engine Optimization SEO Blog - 0 Comments

SEO MarketDrawing your audience in and engaging them is the key to being successful at the SEO business. Knowing strategies that will draw your audience to your website and keep them there will help improve your page rank and domain authority. The important thing to remember with SEO business is that you want to not only draw visitors to your site, but you also want to keep them there so they will engage and take part in the site.

Visitors who stay on a site in order to comment and interact are the ones who will boost your business. Providing content that is interesting enough to make a visitor want to comment and share is the desired goal. Interaction by visitors adds value to your site and that is really what you are after. So how do you do it?

Here are some tips on how to engage your target market for increased SEO.


The content on your site should be valuable enough that visitors will not only want to interact, but they will want to share so others can interact. Quality content that offers insight to readers will lead to social interaction and sharing.

Readers who find a site’s content especially engaging will comment and most likely take the next step which is to share on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others. Those shares will reach a wider audience, but only if the content offers useful information that captures the interest of visitors. Google loves it when people share your site. These shares effect your SEO.

Engage readers by asking questions. Invite visitors to respond with their thoughts and opinions in an effort to create an ongoing dialogue that will attract more visitors and more interaction. Leave open-ended questions for readers and when possible, come back to respond in order to stimulate more conversation.

Great Content

When choosing content to add to your site, remember that when it comes to SEO and attracting search engines, infographics, video content and longer posts (around 500 words or more) are just the ticket. These will add quality to your site and do the job of attracting visitors.

To create great content that will engage readers and draw them to your site, do your homework. Research is your friend. Check out the sites that are top in your niche and pay attention to what exactly they are doing that is working so well. Browse through social media sites to see what the big guys are doing and glean some ideas. Don’t copy from everybody else; take inspiration from their ideas and make it better!

Before publishing your content, get some opinions from friends, colleagues and other social media pros. They can give you honest feedback that will allow you to tweak and fine-tune your content until it is just right.

Once you are satisfied that your content is the best it can be and is read to inspire or incite readers, publish it! Watch what it does then rinse and repeat. Strive to do this with every piece of new content. Good planning for quality content will bring visitors to your site and result in your site growing in popularity, authority and page rank.



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