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How to Use SEO to Launch a New Website

Posted September 12th 2013 Search Engine Optimization SEO Blog - 0 Comments

Miami SEOThere is always a time when a business needs to update a website or to create a new one because of the latest technologies and advancements in the industry.  When this time happens, it can be a frustrating time because there is a lack of business during the transition.  This can be even more time consuming if you are planning on or already have rebranded your company.  While the end result can certainly be rewarding, the time it takes for the new launch can be simply madness.  The following are a few ways that you can use SEO to launch your new website that will take some of the headache out of the process.

Try to Avoid Redirects

If possible, use the same URL for your re-launch or for your new website to avoid having to redirect your customers.  In some cases, this can cause a lag and even if you offer a link, your customers may get confused or they may not want to click the link.  Even if you reassure them that you are still in business, you can lose customers from a redirected link.  So, to keep things easy, simply use the same URL with no redirects to keep your customers coming back again.

Getting Back to a Number One Page Ranking

You are going to have to work to get back to a number one page ranking after you have put your website on hiatus for the new website or re-launch.  Don’t forget to use all the same SEO practices that you used to get your original page to a high status.  This means posting quality articles that are strong in content, not keyword heavy and through using social media.  If you have decided to go with a new URL, the process can take longer than if you simply updated and re-launched the old website.  Another way to get back to your number one page ranking is to start your new keyword search early and start promoting the website a few weeks before it is due to go live.

Don’t Forget the Sitemap

It is even more important today for websites to have a sitemap if they are going to have any relevance on the internet at all.  Don’t forget to put a sitemap on your page if you want to attain a higher page ranking after the launch of the website.  Not only is a sitemap good for SEO purposes, but it also aids those who are surfing your website and are trying to find a specific page.

It can be a really hard to make the decision to either rebrand or create a new website for your company. There is a great deal of work that is involved in getting a new website started, even if you are only rebranding.  This can be a huge headache trying to get a page one website back to that glory but for some companies, these changes need to be made in order for the company to stay relevant in today’s internet.

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