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Is Your Web Design and SEO Technique Compatible?

Posted December 21st 2013 Search Engine Optimization SEO Blog - 0 Comments

A web designer can create the perfect visual design for your website that suits you perfectly. Your marketing team can implement some great SEO techniques proven to work but if the two are not compatible, you won’t get the results you expect. Your online presence is determined by where the search engines rank you on the results page. You won’t move up very far, unless your web design and SEO techniques are compatible.

The two go hand in hand, so designers and marketers should work together when building or redesigning your website. This is the only way to create a design that enhances your SEO efforts instead of hindering them. Search engines extract information from your web pages to use when ranking your site. If the right information is found, you’ll rank high and if not, your page will rank low.

What Do Search Engines Look For?

The appearance of your website is very important. It needs to be appealing and easy to use but that’s just the beginning. To rank high in search results, a site has to contain certain keywords and phrases but they have to be located in specific areas on the pages or they’ll be overlooked by the search engines.

One of the first things that search engines look at is the URL. Since part of the URL will be cut off in searches, it’s vital that the main keywords are located in the beginning of the URL. Site maps, a user-friendly design and a layout that uses headers and Meta tags are also things search engines look for when ranking pages.

Load times is another factor that determines where your site ranks. Short load times are associated with user-friendly sites because it adds value to the users experience and you’ll rank higher on the results page. For this reason, you want your web page design to be free of any plug-ins or other features that make your pages load slowly.

Benefits of Working Together

Your web designer and marketing team should work together in order to achieve maximum efficiency when it comes to getting your page noticed. Designers will concentrate on creating a visually pleasing design, while your marketing team will focus on implementing good SEO techniques that will rank your site higher during searches. When the two professionals sit down together to work out the details, the end results is a great web design and SEO technique combination that work well together.

If you’re thinking about trying to find a web designer who is skilled in marketing and who understands how SEO works, be aware that the odds of finding someone like that are very slim. The problem is that things change so quickly that it would be difficult for one person to keep up with both fields.

The alternative is to ensure your marketing team and web designer work together. Since one affects the other, working together will ensure the page layout is both appealing and that it promotes search engine optimization.

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