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Longtail Keywords are Still Relevant to SEO

Posted February 23rd 2013 Keyword Research SEO Blog - 0 Comments

Longtail KeywordThere are many different aspects of the SEO algorithm. Some people spend a great deal of time trying to figure it all out and you will still miss things that the search engines count. They don’t want us to know every little aspect because then it will become too easy to game the season, pushing actual relevant information and sites even lower in the search results.

With all the regular changes, a common question is if longtail keywords are still relevant to SEO. This is actually a great question because while keywords are becoming less and less a part of the SEO factor, longtail keywords still have their place. Keyword research lays the foundation for your SEO campaign and  while it should not be spammy, it is still an important part of the process.

Longtail keywords allow you to build a more specific campaign with less competition and more relevancy. This is important to your search rankings and it’s also important in making sure the Internet users who come to your site get just what they were looking for.

You won’t benefit from using obscure keywords that no one has ever heard of but you also don’t benefit from using the most popular keywords with high volume because they have too much competition. So, longtail keywords come in to give you less competition and a higher conversion rate.

Other Benefits to Longtail Keywords

There are some additional benefits to using longtail keywords in your SEO campaign. First, it helps you to keep the campaign natural.  It’s important that you create and share content with your keywords in it but if you duplicate these same keywords too often, search engines get the impression that you are gaming or spamming them. So longtail keywords help you to use words and phrases that people would use naturally to find your site, thus increasing the natural flow of your SEO efforts.

Yet another benefit is that it will be less expensive for PPC ads. PPC can be very expense and SEO is a long process- not something you can just fix overnight and then it works for you forever. Most people spend a lot of money over time on PPC advertising and with longtail keywords, you can save some costs in that area. You might have less traffic but you will have higher conversions, meaning the traffic you do get is interested in what you have to offer.

Longtail Keywords in Your Anchor Text

It’s also important to get longtail keywords in your anchor text whenever possible. Of course, you can’t always control this when other people are linking to you and there’s no need to waste time tracking down every single link and asking them to change the anchor text to suit your needs. However, you can use longtail keywords when linking to yourself such as in guest posting and article marketing and when you have control over the anchor text someone else is using. You might even want to contact some of your highest authority links and ask them to make changes if needed.

All in all, longtail keywords are definitely still needed and still relevant in SEO today. When used correctly and appropriately, they can enhance your SEO campaign. Are you already using longtail keywords and phrases?

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