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Meta Descriptions and Page Titles for Website SEO

Posted March 14th 2014 SEO Blog - 0 Comments

Businessman Looking Through Key Hole With Seo Doodle On BlackboaMeta descriptions and page titles play an important role in website SEO. When someone searches the Web for information, search engines use page titles and Meta descriptions to help decide if a site has information relevant to the search. If the keywords in your title and description match the keywords being searched, then your site will appear on the search result page. This is why using relevant keywords in both of these are so important.

When websites show up on the search results page, the page title is the first thing that users see and the description follows it. People use these to determine which site they want to click on for their information, which is why it’s so important to make yours stand out and the tips below can help.

Tips for Writing Page Titles

The page title appears inside the <head> area at the top of your HTML and it tells both search engines and users what information is on the page. Use the main keywords at the beginning of the page title instead of the end because it helps them to stand out and it makes it easier for the search engine to pick them up. It’s best to keep your titles as short as possible because anything longer than the first 70 characters will be cut off when displayed on the results page, which means that viewers won’t see all of it if it’s longer.

Tips for Writing Meta Descriptions

The Meta description is a short summary that highlights the information found on the page and the search engines uses it to categorize your page during searches. If the keywords in the descriptions match the searched keywords, the search engines will pick up your page and display it on the results page. The keywords will appear in bold letters to help grab the attention of users and it can help to encourage them to click on your page.

The Meta description is usually around 160 characters, so you need to keep it under this limit or the ending will be cut off. If you don’t write a description, the search engines will create a short text to place on the search results page for you. What the search engine creates won’t be as informative and interesting as what you can write yourself.

It’s not a good idea to leave the description blank since it is what people use to help them decide which site to view. If your description is boring or lacking important information, it could hinder the traffic to your site. When writing your Meta description and page titles, be unique and enticing. You need these to stand out and grab the user’s attention so they’ll want to click on your site.

When you use relevant keywords and entice users with catchy titles and interesting descriptions pertinent to the information on the page, it’ll drive more traffic to your website. Both your Meta descriptions and titles are vital when it comes to website SEO, so put some thought into writing them for the best results.

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