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Natural SEO Techniques Will Make Your Website More Visible

Posted March 7th 2014 SEO Blog - 0 Comments

SEO techniquesSearch engine optimization is a major part of any successful website because it helps search engines to find the information users are looking for during their searches. If you don’t implement good SEO techniques into your web design, then it would be very difficult for search engines to find you. Natural SEO is simply the phrase used to describe natural, legitimate ways to add SEO to your site instead of using black-hat techniques.

The Internet has evolved so much that search engines now look at user experience as a way to determine where a website should rank. For this reason, you need to make sure you provide users with a great experience everytime they visit and it’s not as hard as it might sound. For example, one thing that highly affects SEO is how long it takes your website pages to load, so stay away from flashy designs that make your pages load slowly. Below are a couple more ways to add SEO to your website naturally.

Content and Natural SEO

Your website content plays a major role in SEO, so it’s vital that you use keywords throughout all your content correctly. A good rule is to place your main keyword or phrase in the title, in the header and once in the article or blog. That’s enough for the search engines to pick it up, which is why keyword stuffing is not going to move you higher in rank. In fact, it’s probably going to move you down the list because it’s considered a black hat technique.

However, it is very important that all of your content read smoothly and naturally and that it provides something of value for the reader. This will help create a better user experience and that is something that search engines look at when ranking your site, which explains why content is an important part of natural SEO.

Website Navigation Structure

Just like content and fast loading pages, a website’s navigation structure affects where you rank in searches so it’s a very important part of natural SEO. Done correctly, it will help move your site up in rank. Navigation affects usability and helps to determine what kind of experience your visitors have. If users are having a hard time getting around your site, it won’t take long before they get frustrated and just leave, which will have a negative impact on where you rank.

Make your site easy to navigate by placing the main categories at the top of the navigation bar and each sub-category under the drop down menu. Each category should also be clearly labeled and you need to include a home page at the top of the navigation bar. This way, users can easily go to your main page when they land on one of your internal pages during a search. A good navigation structure will enhance usability and make it easy for the search engines to crawl and index the pages of your website.

Using SEO naturally in your website design by implementing a good navigation structure, fast loading pages and quality content will go a long ways in making your site more visible.

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