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Retweets Can Enhance Your SEO Efforts

Posted December 7th 2013 SEO Blog Social Media - 0 Comments

miami-seoOne great way to enhance your website SEO efforts is to extend your keywords to offsite platforms. Twitter is an excellent choice that has the potential to help increase traffic and move your site up in search engine ranking. You may already know how important search engine optimization is to building a successful website but many people don’t realize that retweets can make a difference.

Search engines take into consideration how important your content is to users when ranking your websites in searches. Good, useful content that users want to share will help move you up in rank because when viewers share it with others the search engines will consider this content valuable. The more it’s shared the more valuable it becomes and this will help move your site higher up on the search result pages.

Tweets Spread Quickly Over the Internet

Twitter has the potential to reach millions of people in a very short period. It’s the fastest social networking site used today and it’s used by millions of people all over the world. When someone retweets something that you tweeted, it has the potential to spread across the Internet very quickly. The more people that retweet your message, the more it can enhance your SEO efforts.

When you extend your keywords and phrases to the messages you Tweet, it will help to build brand awareness and increase traffic to your site. You can place a link in your Tweet that links back to the interesting content or videos found on your website. This will also help to increase traffic to your site and move you higher up in searches.

How to Get Retweets

Not everything that you tweet will be retweeted but there are a few things you can do to help create content that is retweet-worthy. The first step is to tweet something that is interesting that your followers will want to share with others. As long as it’s something of value that users find beneficial, it has the potential to be retweeted.

You do want to make sure what you tweet is relevant to your business and that your messages help build a positive image of your company, not a negative one. Therefore, you need think about what you’re tweeting before you post that message. You don’t want anything negative linking back to your business website.

Don’t use all of the allowed characters in your message or there will not be any room left for anyone else to retweet it. Many new Twitter users make this mistake and it prevents others from retweeting messages even when they really want to.

Retweets have the potential to enhance your SEO efforts by increasing traffic to your website and building brand awareness, all of which will help move your site higher in rank when users search keywords relevant to your content. Post interesting tweets and link back your company’s website. This way, as your tweets are shared around the Internet, it will help build your online presence, increase interest in your website and enhance your SEO efforts.

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