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Social Media Optimization

The mushrooming popularity of social networking sites and the huge amount of information available in them has resulted in the need for a re-look at how they function and how to get the maximum return from highly visited sites like these. While this is in some ways similar to traditional SEO, the specific nature of these sites mandates that a different approach is taken towards search marketing. Therefore, what we call Social Media Optimization in reality is not optimizing the site itself but using different methods and resources to generate publicity through social media, online communities and community websites such as bookmarking sites, blogs, video and photo sharing websites. This forms an important part of SEOdriven’s overall search engine optimization services and is integral to our overall SEO strategy.

Do you need to use Social Media Optimization?

The success of a website comes from a well planned and executed online marketing strategy. And the Social Media industry is now becoming a crucial part of any online marketing plan, not only for its traffic and search rankings benefits but also for improving and controlling businesses’ online reputation. SEOdriven has developed special techniques to ensure that Social Media Optimization is maximized.

Among the various strategies SEOdriven will use to maximize the benefits coming from Social Media sites are:

  1. Increasing the link-ability of the content. Many normal websites are basically static or storefront operations which mean that they are infrequently updated and depend on static content within an unchanging environment to keep them linked and visible. In the case of social media, the content has to be regularly updated and if that is not viable, then at least churned so as to present the data in a revised format. This could be done by creating a blog or simply re-presenting information that already exists in some other form in a fresh and easy to grasp manner.
  2. Social Media Optimization requires flexible content management. Allowing, within reason, free use of the content of a site will drive traffic to it. However, the process needs to be controlled and proactively managed.
  3. It is essential to make tagging and bookmarking easy. SEOdriven will use its expertise in this field to ensure that relevant tags and information needed for a viewer to tag the site are easily available.
  4. Social Media Optimization, unlike standard SEO is not only about updating the site. Social Media sites have a great deal of easily transportable material in them such as video and audio files. Having these available on other sites will not only publicize the source material but also drive traffic. SEOdriven has the experience to ensure that this is done so as to achieve the maximum effect.

Social Media SEO involves this and much more. SEOdriven will utilize specialized tools and systems to ensure that the maximum traffic is achieved from Social Networking Websites. Get a FREE Social Media Optimization Consultation by calling us Toll-Free 1.866.717.5646 or email us with all your queries or clarifications and we’ll show you how to make your Social Media marketing more successful.