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Web Analytics

Web Analytics is the collection, analysis and reporting of internet web site’s data. It measures the performance of a web site in a commercial context placing emphasis on visitor behavior. All data is tracked and recorded to help companies make better strategic decisions to improve site’s usability, conversions, and overall performance.

SEO Website Analysis

Before beginning any search engine optimization campaign, SEOdriven team of experts dive into the web analytics data and gather key performance indicators to help us create a targeted search marketing strategy that will best fit our customer’s objectives and goals. Based on the target audience, we analyze the following data:

  • Top Referring Keywords
  • Referring Domains
  • Visitor Click Paths
  • Paid vs. Natural Campaigns
  • Geographical Referrals
  • Visiting Trends
  • Top Landing Pages
  • Conversion Rates
  • Bounce Rates

Search Spider Analysis

SEOdriven take all this data a step further and not only analyze human visitors behavior but also search spiders behavior. The following are some of the key elements we analyze:

  • What Search Spiders Index the Website
  • What Pages are Indexed by Each Search Spider
  • How Often Each Search Spider Visits the Site
  • Non-Existent or Old Pages Requested by Search Spiders (404 Error)
  • Internal Server Errors (500 Error)

As you can see, Web Analytics and Search Engine Optimization are mutually inclusive. They complement each other to not only improve your search engine visibility but also to get a Better User Experience. Understanding key information such as where your customers are coming from, which keywords they typed in the search engines to find you, and what pages they visited within your site will provide you with the knowledge to make the right decisions regarding design and web usability.

For a complete analysis of your company’s website call us Toll-Free 866-717-5646 or Get a FREE Web Site Analysisvv from one of our search engine optimization experts.