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The objective of a good Search Engine Friendly Web Design is to have a well structured themed web site with URLs and content that can easily be found and indexed by search engine spiders. A common web designer and programmer cannot build a search engine friendly web site because they only have the end user in mind when designing and programming the site as opposed to our SEOdriven team of web designers, programmers and search engine optimizers that have not only the end user in mind but also the search spiders.

Common Web Design Mistakes

Design First and Optimize Later

One of the biggest mistakes company’s make when creating a web site is to design it first and optimize it later. Nowadays there is no time to do one after the other because it will result in a costly mistake. Time is money and knowing that to achieve top rankings in the search engines take a long time it is imperative to include an SEO expert in the planning stage of a new site design.

Weak Site Structure

The structure of a web site is extremely important to web users and search engine spiders. Building a website is more like writing a book. There must be an easy to understand user friendly flow of information making it obvious for users to find what they are searching for within the site. Likewise with the search engines, they must to easily understand what the web site is about when analyzing the structure and content of the same so that they can grant top rankings for keywords and keyword combinations utilized in the optimization.

Flash Only Web Sites

There is a true statement in the search engine world that says: Content is King. This statement defines the fact that search bots can only read text. Therefore, the use of flash as the only method of delivering content in a website is a big mistake when the ultimate goal of the same is to generate traffic and revenue through the search engines. Search bots are getting smarter every day but still cannot read flash, images, and JavaScript.

Our SEO Web Design Services

SEOdriven provides professional search engine friendly web design services to businesses of any size. Our vast experience of over 5 years in web design and search engine optimization enables us to have the perfect combination and deliver a complete online business solution.

Our SEO Friendly services include the following:

  • Overall Web Site Analysis and Strategy
  • Theme Based Content
  • Static Keyword Rich URLs
  • Internal Linking Structure
  • Proper CSS HTML Hand Coding & Optimization
  • Image / Graphics Optimization
  • Server Optimization

Whether your website has already being built or your are planning to create a new web site, SEOdriven can analyze and propose an SEO Friendly Web Design and Structure to achieve your marketing goals. Request a FREE Website Analysis by one of our Search Engine Optimization experts today!