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SEO Friendly Flash Design

While Flash provides an enhanced user experience to web sites, it has been an issue for years to search engines. Many of them do not read Flash files at all becoming a real problem for web sites that are created entirely in Flash and want to have top rankings in the search engines. The good news for people who like Flash is that last year 2008 Google and Yahoo made a partnership with Adobe Systems Inc. and started to read Flash files and extract text and links from them. This is a major improvement that makes it easier for Flash websites to get indexed but getting ranked at the top of the search engines is still a difficult task when it comes to Flash.

How Flash Can Be Search Engine Friendly

Several techniques can be used in order to make a web site search engine friendly. By utilizing the latest technology and tools such as an open-source JavaScript function called swfobject() to detect when browsers are capable of viewing Flash, SEOdriven can optimize and make search engine accessible the primary content of the Flash movie.

Another highly effective technique that is mostly utilized for headings, quotes and small portions of text is Scalable Inman Flash Replacement (sIFR). This technique uses Javascript to read in HTML text and render it in Flash instead.

Weather your website is entirely built in Flash or it only has embedded Flash elements, SEOdriven optimization experts can take your Flash web site and make it search engine friendly so Flash becomes a non-issue to major search engines. Get a FREE Flash Optimization Quote by one of our experts. Call Us Today Toll-Free 866-717-5646