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SEO Tips for 2013- Mix It Up

Posted January 21st 2013 Latest News News

SEO TipsEveryone wants to know what the next big “trick” in SEO is for 2013. The truth is there are no tricks to proper, white-hat SEO but if there is one important thing you need to know – diversity is key. If you are looking for only one SEO technique to get you through the New Year, you’re going to fail. One technique might work short-term only but in the end, it’s going to be seen as spammy and it’s not going to work out for you.

So why is this?

Well, the best answer is really the simplest. Real companies with real marketing have real links and their marketing techniques will be full of variety. This is how it works naturally and trying to “fake” it is harder and less effective than just being natural in the first place.

So your SEO efforts should be natural and should have variety. For example, guest blogging is one of the hottest new (but not really new) methods of building backlinks and helping your SEO. The problem is like anything, it can be abused. Low quality articles, spammy anchor texts and posts on low-quality sites are not going to help you at all.

It’s not about how many posts you can make but about the quality of the posts and the diversity of your anchor text. It needs to read naturally and should be something that you would actually say in the post and not forced. In fact, many experts say they don’t add the links in until they are done writing the posts because it is easier to find a place for your anchor text that is already naturally in the post you wrote.

If you really want to have natural anchor text, you need to stop worrying about it so much. While it is an SEO signal, it’s not most important thing to be concerned with. The same goes for others linking in to you. If you need to make small changes to some of the backlinks on high authority sites then go ahead but don’t hunt down and track every single mention of your link on the internet and try to have it changed.

Next, you also want to diversity your marketing strategies. This is not about a get-there-quick scheme but rather it’s about standing behind a quality service or product and then making sure the right people find out about it- the people who will benefit from it or be interested in it. When you stop looking at marketing like some trick to convince people to like your stuff and instead like a method of reaching the people you know are going to love your brand, then you will find it’s much easier to diversify and to have quality marketing in the first place.

Solid companies and products don’t need parlor tricks to get noticed online. When you deliver something solid and of quality, people are going to notice. Your SEO is just one more way for you to guide more people in the direction of what you have to offer. When you change the way you look at SEO and learn to mix it up and diversify the techniques you use, you’re going to see positive changes in 2013.