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The Basics of SEO – A Beginner’s Guide

Posted June 13th 2013 Search Engine Optimization SEO Blog - 0 Comments

SEOSearch engine optimization or SEO is essential to any company that is conducting business online.  For new companies that are just starting out with an online company you may not understand what this is or why it’s so important.  Sure, you’ve seen it mentioned in television ads and online so you know that it has something to do with your website.  SEO is not some mysterious code or anything; it is simply a way to get your website a higher search engine ranking when people conduct search queries online.  Below is a beginner’s guide to SEO that illustrates the basics you need to know.

What is SEO?

Basically SEO allows your website to communicate with search engines so they can offer your website to those who are searching for it.  There are many layers to the SEO format and you need to have all of them in place in order for your website to have a higher page search result.  If you only have one layer then you are not going to get a page one result which is important.  Most people find what they want within the first page of a search.  They rarely to go the second page because they have already found there search item.  You want to ensure that you have all the layers to get to the first page if you want to make more money.

What a Search Engine Needs to See

The search engine is looking for certain criteria that allow them to offer returns to searchers based on the most relevant information.  Content is one thing that search engines need to give a search result and consists of text, titles and the descriptions on the pages.  It also includes articles that are posted to the website that include the keywords for your site.  They also look for how well your website performs which is why you should have a simple page that loads fast.  Finally they look for site experience.  This means the ease of site navigation and the safety of the web pages.

What to Avoid

Knowing what search engines don’t want is nearly as important as what they want to see.  One thing to avoid is stuffing your site with keywords or buying links that are not relevant to your product or branding.  If you do any of the two things above this can keep the spiders, or small programs that conduct the search, to deem your site as dangerous and they are bounced out of the search query so people will never see your site.

SEO is not some magic tricks that you use to get your website known to search engines.  Instead, it is a great tool that should be used to make sure you that your website is getting the search results it deserves.  If you want to have a good search engine ranking you need to make sure that you do all the things that the search engine requires without doing those things can could actually hurt your site.

If you have questions about SEO or would like to hire us for help, please let us know today. We’re ready to help with your SEO needs!

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