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The Problem with Black Hat SEO

Posted January 22nd 2014 Latest News News - 0 Comments

Black Hat SEOHow much do you know about Black Hat SEO? In short, it’s using unethical ways to move up in search engine rankings. This practice is very tempting to use because of the results it can achieve but it’s not advised since the user will implement techniques to rank higher in searches that are not allowed. These techniques go against the regulations set forth by search engines and there are penalties for breaking these rules.

While these bad SEO practices can move you up in rank faster, you should know that it’s just temporary. Many of these techniques are designed to attract the attention of the spiders and therefore, leave a lot to be desired by real people. When users have a poor experience with a site, they rarely go back and that is a huge problem for you.

As soon as people realize your content is bad or that you don’t actually offer the information they seek, they will immediately click out of your site. These practices can help rank you high on the results page but it’s not worth the chance you’re taking. If you’re not providing the visitor with a good experience when they find you, it won’t be long before you start dropping back down again.

Black Hat SEO Techniques

There are several Black Hat SEO techniques used to rank higher on the results page but one good example is keyword stuffing. In the past, this would help to get your content picked up by the search engines. The problem was that the content would read awkwardly and usually didn’t provide the information the user sought. As a result, the person would be disappointed and end up clicking out of that site and looking elsewhere for the information they need.

Doorway pages are another Black Hat technique that requires you to use a fake page that no one can see and it’s designed to trick the search engine spiders into ranking the site higher. Another technique is called invisible text, which is simply putting white text on white background but there are risks involved when you use any of these bad SEO practices.

Risks Associated with Black Hat SEO

Using these techniques can move you up in rank and get you noticed faster but that doesn’t mean using them is worth the risks. Search engines can spot duplicate content, keyword stuffing and many of the other techniques associated with Black Hat SEO. Therefore, if you’re using these techniques, eventually you’ll be caught.

Anyone caught using Black Hat SEO practices run the risk of being penalized or banned by search engines. If you’re banned, you’ll lose a big marketing option that has the ability to reach potential customers across the globe.

Using keywords correctly and implementing good SEO practices will move you up in rank naturally, while allowing you to provide a good user experience that keep visitors coming back. When users are happy, not only do they continue to visit your site regularly but they also share it with their friends. Therefore, it’s more beneficial to follow the rules and avoid Black Hat SEO practices, even if it means slowly climbing up in rank.

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