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Why You Need Mobile SEO

Posted May 2nd 2014 SEO Blog - 0 Comments

Modern Mobile Phone With Seo  InscriptionAs the number of mobile users increases so does the need for mobile SEO. Every website should be accessible to mobile users or you’re missing a lot of great opportunities. Everywhere you go you see people using a Smartphone, tablet or iPad and a large percentage of these users access the Internet with their mobile devices to find information about businesses.

They look for restaurants, places of entertainment and other types of businesses in their areas to determine where they want to go to eat or to purchase the items they need. Many use them to compare prices to see which company offers the best deals for the items they’re searching for and you need to make sure these consumers find you during industry related searches. Below are a couple good reasons why you need mobile SEO.

To Increase Traffic and Move Your Site Up In Rank

Having a mobile friendly website will help to increase traffic to your site, which is something that every company needs. Just imagine how many people you could reach when you use mobile SEO. Something else to consider is that if you’re not reaching these consumers, it would probably be safe to bet that your competitors are. As a result, you’re losing a lot of business that could help your company grow and reach your financial goals.

If mobile users can’t find you then you’re putting limits on your website that will hinder the number of visitors you receive and that is bad for business. Another reason you need mobile SEO is because it will help move you up on the search engine results page. Search engines consider sites that cater to the mobile users to be more valuable than those who don’t. This in addition to the fact that your site traffic will increase will help you rank better in searches.

How to Make Your Site More Accessible to Mobile Users

One of the best ways to make your website accessible to mobile users is to have a responsive web design. If you’re building a new website or redesigning an old one, experts recommend using this design. A responsive web design resizes itself to match the requirements of the device used to access it. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a desktop computer or a Smartphone, your site will resize itself automatically to match the device and you only need one URL to lead to your site.

If you’re redirecting your visitors instead of using responsive design, then proper redirect is imperative. When mobile users try to access your website and your redirect leads to something unrelated, it’s very frustrating. As a result, these users will look for a site they can access quickly and easily instead.

Once you’ve incorporated mobile SEO into your website, you need to monitor it regularly to make sure it’s working correctly. One thing you need to look for is pages that load slowly. You should also look for and eliminate any links that lead to irrelevant pages and make sure your content is accessible on all types of devices.

What it all comes down to is this. If your site is mobile friendly, you’ll get more traffic because users have constant access to the net with their phones and other mobile devices. Search engines will move you up in rank, your site will be more visible and sales will increase.

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