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WordPress SEO Tips to Increase Visibility

Posted March 22nd 2013 Blogs SEO Blog - 0 Comments

WordPress-SEOIf you use a WordPress CMS, there are many great advantages from an SEO standpoint. In fact, the plugins and the ease of use are one of the biggest reasons why people are turning to WordPress for their website needs. When it comes to increased visibility on the web, WordPress is your friend.

Search engine optimization is incredibly important to being found on the Internet. Without it, no one can find your website unless they already know the URL. Even if SEO is not one of your strong points, WordPress can help you increase visibility and improve your SEO. Themes and plugins will help you to get better ranking in the search engines without having any special knowledge in the area of SEO and this is something that WordPress greatly helps you with.

Let’s take a look:

Modify your permalinks- WordPress users have full control over their permalinks and this is a very good thing for SEO. Your permalinks are how your URLs appear in the browser. Many blog posts are set to default the permalinks with the month and date of the post. Some also have month, date and page title. The problem with most default permalink structures is that they are not search-friendly. For example, if your structure uses the year/month/date format, then the search engines have to search the entire year archive to find your post. It has to dig deeper to get it and this means your page might not get indexed at all. Your best bet is to structure your permalinks to the name of the post or page and nothing more. So it will be set up something like this:


It’s quick and easy to do in WordPress and it’s very beneficial to your SEO.

Premium themes are worth it- Another thing to know about WordPress SEO is that premium themes are most definitely worth it. These premium themes are designed to optimize your entire site and they are especially great for professional blogging and those who use a lot of links, make a lot of posts and get a lot of traffic. Genesis framework is a great option but there are many others. A default theme is just not meant to do all of the things you need on a professional level and it’s not very likely it will be optimized for search.

Use a related posts plugin- You can use a related posts plugin on WordPress that will link to your similar posts at the bottom (or other location) of each of your posts. This increases the interlinking on your website and it also helps human readers see other posts they may enjoy. It’s great for SEO and for your reader base.

Use SEO plugins- You can also take it a step further and use SEO plugins like Yoast. It’s very simple and all you have to do is install the plugin and then follow the directions. These plugins allow you to choose a main keyword phrase and them optimize your entire post or page accordingly. SEOPressor is another plugin that does the same thing. It will help you make sure your content, text, titles, tags and even images are all optimized for search. Don’t worry that you have to remember everything because the plugin will help you make sure you do it right.

These are just a few SEO tips for WordPress users but there are so many more. If you need help building or designing your website or with SEO, please contact us today to see how we can help you.


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