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XML Sitemaps and SEO

Posted February 28th 2014 SEO Blog - 0 Comments

Word "seo"Search engine optimization plays an important role in online marketing, so it’s something that you have to take seriously in order to get the most from your efforts. When creating a website with good SEO, you need to include an XML sitemap along with the traditional SEO practices used to help drive traffic to your site. Using a sitemap is not new but they have changed some. HTML sitemaps are designed for people and they make it easier for users to navigate your site. They’re fast and simple to use and they help your site look more professional.

However, the Google XML sitemap uses a format designed to help Googlebot crawl and index your site, so it’s used strictly for SEO purposes. You can have both an HTML and XML sitemap without being penalized for duplicate content because one is designed for humans while the other is created for the bots that crawl around on the Internet looking for information.

Understanding XML Sitemaps

The sitemap is a webpage designed specifically to display the structure of your site and they can greatly benefit all websites small and large when it comes to SEO. Google use spiders or bots to crawl and index websites according to the information they contain. Simply put, this type of sitemap lists the URLs leading to all of your WebPages in addition to metadata needed to help the search engines find and index your site. As a result, when searches are made relevant to the information your site contains. It makes it easier for the search engine to locate your pages, which can lead to higher rankings and that’s something that every website needs.

Why Is an XML Sitemap So Important to Website SEO?

In order to rank higher on the search results page, you need to implement good SEO practices and that includes having an XML sitemap. After submitting your sitemap to the search engine, you’ll have another reliable way for the bots to locate your pages during searchers. This will help generate more traffic to your site and that’s what it’s all about.

It’s an excellent SEO strategy for new websites and it would probably be safe to say that with time, having an XML sitemap will become even more important for businesses trying to enhance their online presence. It’s vital that you generate as much traffic as you can to your site and this is a legitimate way to do it. In fact, Google even encourages you to create and submit an XML sitemap for indexing purposes.

Spiders play a very important role when it comes to analyzing website pages and indexing them so they can be displayed during relevant searches. When you take extra steps, such as adding an XML sitemap to help search engines find you, it will help to make your online marketing campaign more successful.

Creating an XML sitemap is usually best left up to the professionals because it can be complicated, especially if you have a large website. Talk to your web designer about adding one to your site if you don’t already have one. It’s an important part of SEO that has many benefits.

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